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Undergraduate Studies : Kansas City Art Institute : BFA Sculpture

Resident Artist
: A. Zahner Company 2007-2010

Awards/Honors :
* Saint Luke's Center For Women Sculpture Commission 2010
* Inspiration Grant 2009
* Avenue of the arts 2009
* KCAI Art and Design Auction- 2007, Feature Artist (“Oculus”)
* 1st place A. Zahner Sheet Metal sculpture design contest
* Kansas City Art Institute Merit Scholarship

Exhibitions 2012 :
* "Alms Matara" Todd Weiner Gallery (February '12)

Exhibitions 2011 :
* S&T Gallery (February '11)
* “The couch pulls out” Leedy Volkous Art Gallery (February '11)

Exhibitions 2010 :
* Office Port Gallery (September-December)
* S&T Gallery (September '10)
* Leedy Voulkos Art Center (March '10)
* "Grand Opening" August Gallery (March '10)

Exhibitions 2009 :

* ”Transfiguration of St. Bartholomew” Avenue of the Arts (May ’09)
* ”Penitentia” Base Gallery (March ’09)
* ”Incognito” Base Gallery (January ’09)

Exhibitions 2008 :
* “Inside Beyond Outside Gone” Base Gallery (March ‘08)
* Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation charity auction (March ’08)
* Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation silent auction (summer ’08)

Exhibitions 2007 :
* "On Troost for Crying Out Loud" The Robert Frasier Gallery
* "Hoohah" The Robert Frasier Gallery
* “Topper” Johns Collection, Prairie Village, Kansas – 4 Outdoor sculptures
* Roeland Park- 2007 Inaugural Public Art Show (August '07-January ‘08)
* “Wood and Metal” Slap and tickle Gallery (November ’07)

Exhibitions 2006 :
* Ozanham Home for Boys and Girls off campus exhibition
* Arts for the CURE Workshop for Breast Cancer
* Women’s Work Show Beth Allison/Leedy Voulkos Art Center
* Koinonia, City Hall, Leawood KS
* "The Journey Change" The Robert Frasier Gallery

Exhibitions 2005 :

* Kansas City Art Institute Auction
* Top Five Runner-up in A. Zahner Sculpture Competition
* Kansas City Art Institute Annual Sculpture Exhibition
* Smith and Burstert Kansas City, Missouri
* Beth Alison Gallery
* Kansas City Art Institute Umbrella Project

Publications :
* Present Magazine - Painting With Fire By Tom Ryan
* Gary & Pam Gradinger Home photo shoot- KC Home Design Magazine pg 48 2010
* Review Magazine - Steeling Fire By Steve Brisendine, 2010
* Must Read KC - KC Sculptor Rises to New Levels by Christel Highland pg 49 2009
* Swimming in Fire : The Art of Reilly Hoffman Documentary by Thomas Middleton
* Arts Issue KC Magazine, August 2009 Cover
* Review Magazine - Angels Underground: Reilly Hoffman at The Base Gallery By Steve Brisendine, 2009
* Eye of the Beholder KC Magazine, April 2007 pg. 41

Selected Collections :

* Justin & Beverly Johl- Leawood, KS (private)

* Reece & Nichols (public)
* Marisa Leeder- Houston, TX (private)

* Ellen Hockaday Center For Women (public)
* The Hudson Family- Leawood, KS (private)
* Rick and Pamela Wright- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Merry Quackenbush- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Todd Weiner- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Bruce Ratner- Cleavland, OH (private)

* Michael Ovitz- Los Angeles, CA (private)
* Sir Richard Branson- London, UK (private)
* City of Roeland Park- Roeland Park, KS
* Shannon Cole- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Bill Zahner- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Patrick Demsey- Los Angeles, CA (private)

* ”Topper” Johntz- Leawood, KS (private)
* City of Roeland Park- Roeland Park, KS
* Robert Frasier- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Mr. and Mrs. Van Luchen- Leawood, KS (private)
* Dierk Van Kepple- Merriam, KS (private)
* Frank May- Kansas City, MO (private)
* The Bruggen Family- Atchison, KS
* Tim Royce- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Dan Gierer- Kansas City, MO (private)

* Bill Zahner- Kansas City, MO (private)
* ”Topper” Johntz- Leawood, KS (private)
* City of Leawood- Leawood, KS
* Robert Frasier- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Frank May- Kansas City, MO (private)
* The Graham Family- Farmington, AR (private)

* ”Topper” Johntz- Leawood, KS (private)
* Bill Zahner- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Rebecca Schram- Chicago, IL (private)
* The Agne Family- Columbia, MO (private)
* Tex Jernigan- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Jim Stulkey- Kansas City, MO (private)

* “Topper” Johntz- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Tom Levitt- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Arthur and Pinky Kase- Kansas City, MO (private)
* Farmington Public Library – Farmington, AR

Residency :

In addition to my own art practice, I have been the artist in residence at A. Zahner Company ( for the past four years; they are an internationally recognized architectural metal company who has had experience working with a great number of successful artists and architects such as: Frank Gehry, Herzog and De Meuron, Sol le Witt, Walter De Maria, and Donald Judd. Through winning Zahner’s competition for designing/building a piece to be sold at the Kansas City Art Institute charity auction I became associated with them. After the completion of the project they offered me a position as their lead artist. I have been fortunate to have been involved with them in a number of projects in the art and architecture field. My experience and education from them has been paradigm in the process of conceiving large projects, coordinating with groups of people and constructing them within a fixed budget. In association with me they can provide assistance in engineering, fabrication, and insurance.

Skills :
I am proficient in all types of welding: MIG, TIG, ARC, Oxy, with all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous. I have experience in casting and molding making for bronze and aluminum, utilizing techniques in ceramic shell, petro, green, and resin sand, as well as plaster investment. I have experience in materials such as concrete, plaster, plastic, Styrofoam, wood, masonry, ice, fabric, resin, and stone. I have experience in rigging, from transporting and installing large-scale sculpture to moving whole houses. I have experience teaching and demonstrating technical skills to students and well as facilitating projects through the sourcing of techniques and materials.