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Artist Statement
Fire, the cosmos, apocryphal literature, natural systems, and the overflowing coagulation of images that result from experiencing the world in the most micro and macro of perspectives drive my work. It is a constant inertia and anxiety of making countering an anxious state of dormancy. I am drawn to materials that have an igneous origin and method of execution. Art created or changed through fire philosophically and chemically mirrors the birth of stars, the elements, and even life as we know it. Steel, an industrial man-made material, has its pyroclastic origins in iron. Iron has been referred to as being the “blood of the universe” and carbon, the second primary component of steel is found in nearly all forms of known life. I work with metal as if it were clay, mold it, carve it, shape it, and take it from its extruded identity to point where it is almost unrecognizable. These surfaces and forms that are produced through directed fire are only possible because of the nature of the material and the forces that shape it.

In conjunction with material affinities I have an obsessive interest in time, in relation to spans, perceptions, and the human capacity for utilizing it. A lot of my work is very labor intensive and for me the work is the transfiguration of time into matter. Time is intangible, unless put it into something; you can’t save it, stop it, or get more. You can only lose it or give it away. Work reflects time and records it. And work is the physical manipulation of matter though the consumption of energy.

My exertion of creative energy is not a result of choice, but of a constant need and conviction to touch, change, and understand the world. Existence to me is only justified through the condensation of experience and interactions resulting into thoughts and actions projected by the mind and carried out through the body.

Reilly Hoffman
Phone: 347.292.9815
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